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Innovative access control solutions to protect your home or business

Once you have an access control system installed, it can provide so much more for your company than just the entry and exit of staff to the building; extending the system to an office, stock or communication room door will allow authorised entry to members of staff who have access rights to specific areas and block entry to anyone else. Solutions can be achieved by installing a simple but effective code entry keypad or a more complex networked proximity card, fob or even a biometric recognition system.

PC based systems give total control of access by your staff and visitors, assigning times, dates and certain access rights to all of the card holders, including terminating access.

Features available include:
  • Alarm raised if a deleted card or fob is used to attempt access.
  • Roll call of persons in building in case of evacuation.
  • Automatic door release in case of fire.
  • Activating CCTV to visually confirm access at point of entry.
  • Post box access control (with cards / fobs returned at departure).
  • Photo IDs on access cards.